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Several of our members have commented that they have been experiencing higher than normal volumes of return mail due to insufficient address on mail that is, to their knowledge, addressed correctly. One of the tenets of the Austin PCC is to foster partnership and coordination between our Industry members and our USPS members. To that end, the Austin PCC is hosting a troubleshooting workshop at the Austin Plant to see if we can investigate these issues and work together to develop a solution.

This will be a working meeting to review mail that is returned for insufficient address erroneously. Members are being asked to bring samples of mail they are having this issue with to review with plant staff in order to troubleshoot the issue.

This is an in-person meeting in Austin at a USPS facility, therefore masks and social distancing are still required. Due to the nature of the meeting and the lack of a presentation, we will not be able to offer a virtual option. If you would like to RSVP or if you have any questions, please email dludwick@communityimpact.com